Considering holding your token sale on DistX?

We launch on October 28, but it’s not too early to register your interest and we can book you in! Token sales running on DistX will receive great exposure and have a lot of huge benefits for your team, and the participants.

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Features & Benefits

There are many benefits of holding a token sale on the DistX platform. Some of these benefits include:

  • Instant access to our significant, fast growing community, most of which will be discussing upcoming DistX token sales and looking to participate.
  • We can handle every aspect of the process, from token creation to token sale, distribution, UniSwap listing, token locking and much more.
  • Hosting a token sale on DistX will add legitimacy to your project. If you care about your token holders, you’ll consider DistX.
  • Options to grant early access to DISTX token holders (almost like a presale round). Select minimum holdings for participants.
  • Gain access to promotional services and even exchange listings on completion of a successful token sale.
  • If your token sale fails to reach softcap, automatic refunds occur.
  • Instant, automated listing on DistDEX on completion of your token sale (optional).
  • Raised ETH is automatically released once the token sale ends, minus any fees.
  • DistX will become a hub for discovery of “gems” attracting highly qualified potential participants to your token sale.

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