DistX is a token sale platform that allows teams to select options for their token sale, such as locking team tokens, UniSwap listing and liquidity locking, and much more. The many options (token sale settings) can be viewed publicly for several days before each token sale opens.

Participants view the settings and decide if they are comfortable to contribute to each token sale. Most settings use smart contracts to guarantee various things. For example if team tokens are locked for 90 days by a smart contract, that is guaranteed. If a team locks UniSwap liquidity for 90 days, and then “rug pulls” on day 91, there is no way to stop that. You need to check the settings and be aware.

DistX can have no way of knowing a team’s intentions or capabilities for the future, outside of these settings. A team may select all of the most popular settings and still not deliver a product as promised, or may deliver a poor or mismanaged project. After the token sale ends on DistX, that is the end of our involvement other than putting teams in touch with our partners for after sale services.

As always, DYOR. DistX makes that research very simple as most of it is in one place.