DISTX tokens offer great utility and several significant benefits. These include:

  • Top 200 DISTX token holders receive a share of 2% of all tokens from token sales running through the DistX platform.
    Example: If you’re a top 200 DISTX token holder and a token sale sells 100M of their “ABC tokens”, you’ll receive a share of 2M tokens, FREE! More info here.
  • DISTX token holders may gain early access to token sales on the DistX platform. A potentially HUGE advantage in popular token sales. The token sale teams decide the minimum DISTX holding for early access, as well as the early access times. More info here.
  • 1% of all ETH raised through token sales on DistX is used to buy and burn DISTX tokens, making it a deflationary token.
  • The remainder of any unused fees will go into a staking rewards pool. Stake your DISTX tokens for a share of all ETH in the pool. More info here.
  • Trade on DistDEX, giving you access to the latest and greatest new tokens. The only trading pairs are TOKEN/DISTX. Note, DistDEX will launch in December 2020. More info here.
  • Unsold tokens from token sales may go into a DistX token holder lottery. 50 random DISTX token holders (1,000 DISTX minimum holding) will receive an equal share of tokens. More info here.