DistX charges a fixed fee of 2% of the raised ETH during the token sale, as well as 2% of the tokens on offer in the token sale, which are distributed to our top 200 token holders.

The ETH fee covers token distribution, so you won’t need to cover gas sending to potentially thousands of token holder recipients. It also covers our time and the use of the platform allowing you to easily run a token sale with minimal time, effort or risk required on your part.

The benefit of automatically adding 200 more token holders to your token sale is significant. It will likely grow your community instantly, as well as gain more attention for your upcoming token sale as our top holders wait in anticipation.

Example: You run a token sale, and sell 25M tokens for a total of 1,000 ETH. The fees would be 20 ETH, and 500,000 tokens would be kept aside from the 25M and distributed to our top 200 holders.

Fees come into effect once soft cap has been reached, which would mark your token sale as “successful”.

There is no up front fee to run a token sale.